HSE Policy

The personal safety and health of each employee/contractor is of primary importance to Malik Crane Services Pvt. Ltd. The prevention of work-induced injuries and illnesses is given the highest priority. Enviroment, occupational health and safety is must for its overall business objectives and We are committed to achieve sound HSE performance by -

• Recognizing the importance of environmental aspects and safety hazards/risk.
• Eliminating or minimizing accidents and incidents, environmental pollution and resource depletion wherever practicable to do so.
• Staff are well versed with all reasonable and practicable safeguards to assure safe working conditions.
• Providing ample of information, instruction and supervision for employees.
• All equipment, tools, and machines, are kept in good condition through the use of best maintenance& preventive maintenance practices.
• We constantly keep on studying and developing safe work methods and to train employee in the safest methods.
• We are committed in following local safety codes and statutory safety regulations.
• It is the guideline of the company to provide, maintain, and seek to improve standards of health and safety.
• Practices that safeguard employees and converts into safe working conditions, must be followed.
• This responsibility rests equally on all who work at the company and we seek and expect active co-operation & support.
• Precise manual lifting techniques are imparted, trained and stressed upon.
• Approved protective attire are made available / accessible and must be worn at all times.

With employee engagement & management involvement, we seek to work as a team & are open to feedback to constantly maintain and improve our HSE management systems.